Certified Pharmacy Tech, PRN (Saint Joseph Mount Sterling)

Job Description:
Provides assistance with the order entry preparation, and distribution of drug products under the supervision of a registered pharmacist.
Maintains appropriate inventory of drug supplies and a system of control to ensure the integrity of the purchases, control of supplies and proper accounting for their distribution.
Essential Duties: Fill accurately and deliver patient bins, intravenous solutions and medications to automated dispensing machines at specified times with indicated drugs after final check by Pharmacist.
Delivers medications and supplies to patient care and ancillary areas accurately per established schedule.
Maintain outpatient service after final check of all medication by a Pharmacist before leaving the Pharmacy.
Account for delivery of controlled substances by maintenance of proper records.
Receive, fill, and process inter-departmental requisitions.
Enter charges and credits for patient medications accurately.
Maintain an adequate supply of packaged unit dose medications according to procedures using controls and records indicated.
Prepares intravenous admixtures or other sterile products (including Chemotherapy and perinatal nutrition) accurately.
Perform medication storage reviews under the supervision of a Pharmacist.
Prepare complex solutions, such as TPN's, cardioplegia, batch syringes and other solutions strictly following procedures and utilizing aseptic technique under the direct supervision of the Pharmacist.
Report all discrepancies or breakage in receipt of drug supplies and follows appropriate procedures to conserve Medical Center resources.
Education: Minimum of High School Diploma or equivalent required.
Completion of a Pharmacy Technician Certification Program preferred.
1-2 years of Pharmacy experience preferred, including creation of IV solutions.
License/Certification: Current Pharmacy Technician certification.
Additional Responsibilities: Demonstrates a commitment to service, organization values and professionalism through appropriate conduct and demeanor at all times.
Adheres to and exhibits our core values: Reverence: Having a profound spirit of awe and respect for all creation, shaping relationships to self, to one another and to God and acknowledging that we hold in trust all that has been given to us.
Integrity: Moral wholeness, soundness, uprightness, honesty and sincerity as a basis of trustworthiness.
Compassion: Feeling with others, being one with others in their sorrows and joys, rooted in the sense of solidarity as members of the human community.
Excellence: Outstanding achievement, merit, virtue; continually surpassing standards to achieve/maintain quality.
Maintains confidentiality and protects sensitive data at all times.
Adheres to organizational and department specific safety standards and guidelines.
Works collaboratively and supports efforts of team members.
Demonstrates exceptional customer service and interacts effectively with physicians, patients, residents, visitors, staff and the broader health care community.

Don't Be Fooled

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