Social Worker

Company Name:
Windsor Care Center
The Social Worker reports to the Director of Social Services and the Administrator.
Must have bachelors degree in social work from accredited college or university or other related human services field degree
Experience in dealing with people in crises is preferable.
Knowledge of the case management process, needs of geriatric patients, healthcare settings, working knowledge of funding resources such as Medicare Parts A, B, C and D, Medicaid, Managed Care and other private insurances.
Imagination and creative ability, skill and working cooperatively with other professionals, ability to organize and carry out responsibility efficiently and effectively.
Ability to communicate effectively and appropriately both verbally and in writing in a wide variety of circumstances.
Commitment to the mission and goals of the center.
Ability to exercise independent judgment where procedures cannot be standardized.
(Note: Specific duties are assigned at the discretion of the SWS Department Head and may be adjusted to meet the needs/expertise of personnel available).
General Description
Share current information available about funding resources.
Work with individual patients and families toward adjustment to center life and to crises of illness, disability, and death.
Served in an advocacy role for patients and their families in expressing, defining and resolving grievances.
Coordinate discharge planning functions.
Participate in developing patient care plans in cooperation with individuals from other disciplines.
Participate in in-service training programs.
Evaluate the quality of social services as part of the center's overall quality improvement program.
Develop and maintain contacts with appropriate community agencies.
The social worker is responsible for the quality of social services rendered by the center.
Report to the Director of Social Work Services to the current status of social services and present needs as perceived by the social worker.
Understand and abide by established policies of healthcare Center and interpret them to concerned parties.
Participate in consultation with the Director of Social Work Services and regional social work consultant, especially pointing out problems and trends that may require company policy attention.
Maintain confidentiality of professional information.
Abide by the Policies and Procedures in the NHC Social Work Services Manual.
Account for use of time, report sickness, and planned vacation time with the Director of Social Work Services.
Other Duties and Responsibilities which may be assigned by the Director of Social Work Services.

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